About Me

My work is represented and licensed by the agency Kintzing. Please contact licensing@kintzing.com if you would like to inquire about using any of my images.

My name is Melissa and I'm a Photographer and Creative Director based in London. My work specialises in music, culture and events. 

      My visual journey began as a guerilla-style documentary shooter capturing subcultures across UK’s dancefloors. From new generation Ska heads in Brighton, to London’s squat ravers and later delving into other realms of the sonic spectrum such as punk, reggae and dub. Everything I have shot since those early heady days comes from this informed place of respect and understanding of my homeplace’s musical landscape and the cultures that have been forged and emerged from here. My imagery is rooted in a deep love of celebrating sound and the people that champion it, so authenticity, empathy and intention is always held at the helm  of my work- both in front of and behind the lens. 

        Whilst my heart very much lies with music, I have taken the vibrancy of my experience shooting dancefloors and stages to the fashion and tech world- shooting campaigns for Ellesse, Berghaus, Hunza G, Squarespace and more (extended list of previous clients below).  With a high-energy and creative approach to my work, I work directly with both talent and the Director/Producer to generate concepts and ideas for shoots to stylistically bring impactive visuals which I edit and re-touch myself. 

      Aside from photography I also have experience in  a variety of different roles behind the scenes in the creative sector, from directing, production, researching and writing. In lockdown I also co-wrote and produced a documentary investigating what the future of UK nightlife held for us mid-pandemic; it features interviews I did with a variety of individuals who work in the music industry, from stage managers, marketing experts to artists, DJ’s and promoters.  

For examples of work not featured on this site such as festival, corporate and lifestyle imagery, please contact info@shotbymelissa.com for a private portfolio link.


Ace & Tate • Axe & Saw • Berghaus • Broadwick Live • Dimensions Festival •  Ellesse • Flannels • Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace • Fred Perry • Glastonbury Festival • Google Pixel • Hunza G • Ministry Of Sound • Mixmag • Nando's • Nike • Platform 13 • Polydor • Prada (Events) • Roundhouse • Sony Music • The Standard Hotel • Squarespace • Trippin • Warner Music • Zalando • 71 Gin

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